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9:31 am - Thu, Oct 13, 2011
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To anyone who believes that people with Autism and other special needs “aren’t oppressed” or are “given special treatment”:


TRIGGER WARNING for abuse; ablism.

Autistic boys ages 5 and 7 forced to live in cage…

An autistic man was locked in a room at a special care home in Nova Scotia for 15 days…

The mother of a 14-year-old autistic boy has accused a school aide of ‘waterboarding’ her son by forcing his head under a running faucet…

Talk Show Host Michael Savage Calls Those With Autism Brats, Frauds, Morons, Putzes and More…

Studies have shown that 20% of Autistic children are abused, while only about 1% of non-Autistic kids suffer abuse.

Any questions?


3:53 pm - Mon, Sep 12, 2011
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An idea that’s been popping up in my head on and off for a few months:


An event… sort of like Autistics Speaking Day, but in pictures.

Like, for my contribution, I’d probably photograph myself wearing pro-neurodiversity shirts, etc. And if this event happened around Autism “Awareness” Day, I’d probably paint my middle fingers blue and flip off the camera (instead of “Light it Up Blue”, I’d “Flip Them Off Blue” :P).

And then probably a sweet multi-shot sequence of me taking a sledgehammer to a giant puzzle piece (or trying to - I’m not that well-muscled).

And it doesn’t have to be all about acting out your anger towards ableists for a camera. You could photograph stuff pertinent to your hobbies or special interests, or just snapshots of a typical day from your own perspective, and so on.

I’d love to read your thoughts about this.

Reblogging myself to hear from more people… I would like at some point to make this a thing.

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2:17 pm - Fri, Sep 9, 2011
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I remember someone asking about “Alphas” at one point

I watched the first eight episodes and wrote a rough blog post about it. I’ll probably continue with the show and write a full post when the first season ends.



5:19 pm - Sun, Sep 4, 2011
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Today has been distressing in several ways. It seems that every part of my head has decided to collide together and make it very hard to survive this day. I am having a very awful self-esteem day, and while I wish it were just another day, it’s due in part to my Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This has caused a significant amount of anxiety today. I  do not have anxiety but when I’m feeling particularly anxious, I get irritable and I start stuttering. These are the days where one would be able to “tell” I’m an aspie. When I get confused I start repeating myself and stuttering. Most importantly, these are days when I really can’t stand to have someone talking to me.

Does anyone understand what I’m even rambling about? Like, ever have those days where different parts of your brain collide? In my case that’s Asperger’s and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I’m sorry if this isn’t very clear. I’m in a bit of a brain fog.

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11:29 am - Thu, Aug 18, 2011
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I really, really thought people needed to see this.

[Trigger warning for… really abusive words towards autistic people, I don’t even know what to call this]

Those born with the affliction of Asperger’s Syndrome survive at the emotional and psychological expense of others.

That’s a quote from this group’s poetry book about people with Asperger’s.

I know that people do think this, but I think I’m in shock that anyone said it in such words. I am a parasite.

I just don’t really know what to say about this right now… but, thought I need to share it with someone….

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11:41 pm - Sun, Aug 14, 2011
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This matter of characters being implicitly, but not explicitly, x

— where x is a facet of identity with which the creators are clearly uncomfortable.

To illustrate: about “Bones”. I see a lot of it on my dash because it is one of those knockoffs of The X-Files (I mean this in the kindest way possible), and so TXF fans watch it. I see a lot of Temperance Brennan on my dash, saying and doing things that I have done and said.

I read somewhere that Brennan was based on an Aspie friend of the creator’s, so her character is implicitly but not explicitly constructed as having Asperger’s. Um, and based on the vague impressions I get from my dash, this is done — not inaccurately. This both makes me want to watch the show, and really, really not want to watch it.

I mean, I want to watch it (the good seasons, that is) because if the above is true, oh my god one of the main characters is a female with Asperger’s, and I should be all over that. There’s no way she can be as perfect or life-changing as Scully, but the autistic component is important to me and would be interesting to see.

But I don’t want to watch it because this is what always happens. It’s analogous to how characters can be played and/or read as gay, but the creators maintain plausible deniability: e.g., Remus Lupin, Garak. There are several characters with Asperger’s who fit the same model: Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”, Abed from “Community”. They’re given autistic traits, but viewers unaware of this can absorb them as laughable ~quirks, and when push comes to shove the creators hedge around the issue.

For the most part, I find this phenomenon interesting. For the most part, it’s good that characters can even appear autistic on mainstream television. But would these characters really not gain popular acceptance if they were definitively labeled autistic? At a certain point, it becomes frustrating. Why does the label make that much difference?


9:03 pm - Sun, Jul 24, 2011
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[TW: violent manifestation of ableism/anti-autistic bigotry described in linked article] Teen with Aspergers Roped and Beaten at School by Student; Teacher Erases Recording?


Teen with Aspergers Roped and Beaten at School by Student; Teacher Erases Recording?

So I’m going to write this boy a letter and tell him he’s not alone. Or rather, I will send it to his mom. I think we should all do this. If you want contact info, pm me if you don’t want to google it.

But, for the more angry among us? The contact information for the administration and teachers implicated, including the one who erased videographic evidence of a hate crime, is included in the article.


~ Evan

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1:13 am - Tue, Jul 19, 2011
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Call for submissions for “autistic rights 101”-ish zine

No Puzzles Here (temporary title - if you have an alternative idea, feel free to let me know) is a compilation zine intended to function as an introduction for USian allistic (non-autistic) SJ/radical-left activists to the topic of autism from an autistic rights/neurodiversity perspective.

I decided to create this because I haven’t really been able to find a good “101” on the subject and I’ve encountered some resistance (and even when I don’t encounter resistance I still have difficulty with educating people because good resources are almost entirely online and are quite scattered about - not to mention that they might disappear).

If you’re an autistic self-advocate and have something pre-written that you would like to include, or can prepare something, please feel free to submit. If you aren’t autistic, or aren’t able to submit, please spread this around.

Submissions can be emailed to me (Eric) at: itssciencefriction[at]gmail[dot]com.

Suggested topics:

  • The problems with the “high/low functioning” view
  • Something countering the (ridiculous) common accusations about “low-functioning” autistics that self-advocates have to put up with*
  • Passing as allistic
  • Systematic violence against autistic people
  • Stereotypes/empathy
  • Anti-cure/Autism Speaks
  • Stimming

Let me know how you want to be credited (full name, pseudonym, anonymity, first name with last initial, et cetera).

Language usage should preferably be relatively simple (in vocabulary and syntax); this is about disability rights, after all, of which accessibility is a key part.

The deadline was originally 7/15/2011 but has been extended indefinitely; however, I do want to have this out by the end of the year.

If anyone can think of any glaring omissions (this is supposed to be a basic introduction), feel free to let me know.

*There is a problem among some activists but to decry the entire autistic rights movement (including the very idea of it) on that basis is not okay. Especially when one does it in favor of undeniably disablist groups like Autism Speaks.


10:13 pm - Mon, Jul 18, 2011
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Apart from all the theoretical considerations, there’s also my own personal experience with the ways non-autistic people treat me. It seems that among people who insist on making a distinction between the person and the autism, I am never seen and related to as myself. I’m seen either as a person with AUTISM—the autism overshadowing the personhood so that I’m seen only as a collection of symptoms and deficits, not as a credible, self-aware, self-directed being—or as a PERSON with autism—I’m seen as a person (at least initially), but I’m expected to be a person “just like everyone else,” with no recognition or tolerance for the differences between me and people who aren’t autistic.
Jim Sinclair, 1992 (source)


10:12 pm
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